Tucson Meet Yourself festival, October 2013

Tucson Meet Yourself festival, October 2013

What if we could bring back an estimated $70 million a year in taxes we pay to the state, and put that money to work in our own community—repairing roads, maintaining parks, staffing our police and fire departments. We can, through annexation. That’s why Mayor Rothschild has made annexation a priority.

The state shares revenue based on people living in incorporated areas

If you live within the city limits of Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, or Sahuarita, you live in an incorporated area. If you live in the county, you live in an unincorporated area, and the state allocates less revenue to provide you with services. Maricopa County is almost entirely incorporated; Pima County, much less so.

Annexation brings high quality, low cost city services

City of Tucson residents receive city services, including:

Tucson Fire Department

The Tucson Fire Department is the highest-rated fire department in Southern Arizona. With the fastest response times of nearby fire departments and more than 600 firefighters using state-of-the-art medical and firefighting equipment, TFD is unmatched in training, staffing and resources.

And, in most cases, annexation lowers costs to property owners for fire and emergency services.

Tucson Police Department

The Tucson Police Department‘s average response time for Priority-1 calls is less than five minutes. TPD has about 1,000 highly-trained officers and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, the “gold standard” in public safety.

Environmental Services Department

The city’s Environmental Services Department provides Tucson residents with weekly trash and recycling pickup and twice-yearly Brush & Bulky collection—up to 10 cubic yards of material, including appliances, cacti, carpet, furniture, lumber, tires and more.

Let the City of Tucson welcome you!

Not every neighborhood is right for annexation. But residents of the Empire Vista neighborhood are glad they joined the city.

To learn more about annexation, visit the City of Tucson’s annexation page or contact Mike Czechowski at [email protected] or (520) 837-4058.

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