Oracle Road area—Daniel Rose Fellowship

Downtown is enjoying a renaissance, thanks in part to the streetcar and city incentives.

The next area the city is focused on is the Oracle Road area.

The city recently applied for and won two important federal grants to help revitalize this area, leveraging work that Mayor Rothschild and city staff have been doing with the Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use.

Mayor Rothschild is one of four mayors in the 2018 class of Daniel Rose Fellows, which provides one year of technical assistance to work on an urban development challenge. Mayor Rothschild and his team of city staff selected the Oracle Road area between Stone and I-10/Fairview, and Speedway and Miracle Mile. See the Rose Fellows panel presentation here.

The two grants the city has won are:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant

This grant, for $1.3 million, funds planning and neighborhood revitalization. It also makes Tucson eligible to compete for a $30 million HUD grant that would be used to revitalize Tucson House and do other projects in the Oracle Road area.

U.S. Department of Justice Community Based Crime Reduction Grant

This grant, for close to $1 million, funds data-driven, community-oriented strategies to reduce crime and spur revitalization in the Oracle Road area. Our partner research institution on this grant is Arizona State University, Dr. Mary Ellen Brown, Principal Investigator.

For more information, see the Rose Fellows panel presentation here.