Benefiting from STEM Internships

Many businesses can benefit from hiring interns. Interns offer up-to-date skills at low cost, and internships are among the best ways to screen candidates for permanent employment. Internships also give new graduates that all-important one or two years of industry experience employers are looking for.

Mayor at podium

Asking local business leaders to add STEM internships, Oct. 30, 2014, at the University of Arizona.

The Mayor’s Office is working with the University of Arizona’s STEM Learning Center to increase internships in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) at the high school, community college and university levels.

Obtaining an intern has never been easier, with one-page process sheets – complete with contact and timeline info – for the University of Arizona, Pima Community College and various Tucson high schools.

Internships build our workforce, making Tucson more desirable as a location for business. They help students – who already like living here and want to stay – find career opportunities locally in well-paying STEM fields.

Can you add interns at your workplace? Call or email the contacts on the one-page process sheets for more information.