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The City of Tucson wants to help your business succeed.

Breaking ground on the city's first GPLET project in the Central Business District: One East Broadway, October 2012

Breaking ground on the city’s first GPLET project in the Central Business District: One East Broadway, October 2012

Shortly after coming into office, Mayor Rothschild put in place an Office of Economic Initiatives to advocate for and help businesses navigate city and other services, such as business licensing and getting a Certificate of Occupancy.

He also brought the city’s many business incentive and assistance programs together under one roof. Contact the Office of Economic Initiatives, (520) 837-4078, for information on these and other programs.

Have a location? See what incentives are available here.

Business assistance programs

Small Business Assistance Line (520) 837-4100
Help with navigating the city’s departments and connecting with outside resources
Small Business Enterprise Program
Bid preference on city contracts, subcontracting goals
Historic Preservation Tax Credit
Approved rehab of designated historic buildings can qualify for tax credits. See map.
Green Business Certification Program
Provides technical expertise to help businesses operate more sustainably and save on utility bills

Financial incentives

Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET)
Provides up to eight years of property tax abatement for projects in the Central Business District that increase property value at least 100%. The amount abated cannot exceed the economic benefit created. See map.
Site Specific Sales Tax Incentive
For retail projects that would not otherwise locate in the city. The amount abated cannot exceed the economic benefit created.
Primary Jobs Incentive
City waives building permit fees and provides up to 100% city construction sales tax credit to qualifying expenses, such as impact fees, job training, and public infrastructure improvements. Must invest at least $5 million in facilities or equipment, create 25 jobs that pay $52,400 or more, and cover at least 75% of employee health insurance premiums.

Development Services programs

Development Package Review (DPR)
Simultaneous reviews for Site Development and Grading Plan, reducing time and increasing consistency
Mayor-Manager Action Team
Team assigned to expedite large, complex projects through the development process
Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) Relief
A new C of O is not required for a new tenant unless the occupancy classification changes for any part of the building
Planned Area Development (PAD) Streamlining
Streamlined rezoning process to create PADs less than 40 acres within the Infill Incentive Districts
Impact Fee Deferral
Impact fees may be deferred until the C of O is received in exchange for a contribution to the city’s Housing Trust Fund
Cross-Trained Inspectors
The city has cross-trained building inspectors—one inspector handles structural, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical

Loan programs

Tucson Community Development Loan Fund
$20 million HUD 108 loan fund to be used as gap financing for projects that create jobs for low and moderate income Tucsonans, eliminate blight, or meet urgent community needs
Tucson Industrial Development Authority (TIDA) Bonds and Loans
The TIDA finances projects that serve a public purpose and meet other requirements where traditional sources of funding may not be available

Incentive & area districts

Infill Incentive District—Greater Infill Subdistrict
Relief from certain parking, loading, landscaping, and dimensional requirements. Also benefit from PAD Streamlining. See map.
Downtown Financial Incentive District
$10,000 building permit fee waiver and construction sales tax credit for public right-of-way improvements. See map.
EPA Brownfields Project Area
Developments can receive grants to fund Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments. See map.
Infill Incentive District—Downtown Core Subdistrict
Relief from certain setback, parking, loading, landscaping and dimensional requirements. Also benefit from PAD Streamlining. See map.
Main Gate Overlay District
Relief from certain setback and height requirements, and flexible options for reuse and restoration of historic properties. See map.
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