November 6, 2015

Tucson schoolchildren send thank yous to veterans

Veterans Day 2015 photo

With Tucson City Council Members Shirley Scott and Richard Fimbres, South Tucson Mayor Miguel Rojas, South Tucson Council Member Herman Lopez and VA staff, November 2015

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild joined South Tucson Mayor Miguel Rojas and council members from both cities to deliver cards from schoolchildren to veterans at the Southern Arizona VA hospital on Friday.

The event was organized by Ward 5 Tucson City Council Member Richard Fimbres. Also in attendance were Ward 4 Tucson City Council Member Shirley Scott, a representative from Ward 2 Tucson City Council Member Paul Cunningham’s office and South Tucson City Council Member Herman Lopez.

The cards were made by students at 14 Tucson-area elementary schools, thanking veterans for their service in each child’s own words.

“This made my day,” said Mayor Rothschild. “I’m so pleased that Council Member Fimbres took the time to put this together and that so many schools participated. You could clearly see how pleased the veterans were to hear from children they hadn’t even met.”

Veterans Day 2015 photos

Delivering cards to veterans at the Southern Arizona VA hospital, November 2015