October 26, 2015

WALKtober walk to school at Pueblo Gardens

Walktober Walk-to-School Challenge 2015

A student in the Walk-to-School Challenge gets some tech support with shoelaces, October 2015

Walktober Walk-to-School Challenge 2015

Getting ready to walk to school with a Pueblo Gardens student, October 2015

This morning, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild joined parents, children and members of Living Streets Alliance for a walk from the Boys & Girls Club on 36th Street to Pueblo Gardens PreK-8 School, part of LSA’s WALKtober Walk-to-School Challenge.

The challenge is part of the city’s Safe Routes to School program, a national initiative being run locally by Living Streets Alliance. Last year, 7,200 children from 22 schools participated in the Walk-to-School Challenge. This year, 45 schools registered for the challenge, competing against each other for prizes.

Walking promotes fitness and fights obesity, and walkable neighborhoods offer a higher quality of life.

Students and families met for breakfast snacks and coffee at the Boys & Girls Club and walked the approximately half mile to school, with Mayor Rothschild leading the “walking school bus.”

“Walking is great exercise,” said Mayor Rothschild, “and it’s a great way for students to start the day wide awake and ready to learn.”