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April 4, 2014

Trees at the SAHBA Home Show

RUMBA artwork by students from across the city  The Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA) Home Show is one of the largest, and most successful in the country. This year, the show lived up to that standard, and the TCC was filled with exhibitors and attendees. Tucson Clean and Beautiful (TCB) was there as well, promoting two of their programs to all who visited the show. Tucson Clean and Beautiful had an art contest as part of their RUMBA program (Re-Used Material Becoming Art). The art was made with all recycled materials by students of all ages from schools around the city.

Trees on display at SAHBATucson Clean and Beautiful also promoted Tree’s for Tucson at the show. There were trees out on display with flyers, forms, and literature available about the program. The TCB booth was at the entrance to the show, and the trees grabbed the attention of many attendees. Representatives from Mayor Rothschild’s office were also on hand to answer people’s question about the benefit of trees, the Mayor’s 1o,ooo Tree Campaign, and how they could obtain trees for their own home. Many attendees stopped at the TCB booth and voted for their favorite piece of art. Some took flyers about purchasing a tree, and they even received a free CFL light bulb. The SAHBA Home Show was a great success for the 10,000 Trees Campaign and Tucson Clean and Beautiful. 

February 14, 2014

Tucson Ministry Alliance, City Transformation

Members from the Mayor’s Office and Tree’s for Tucson represented Mayor Rothschild’s 10,000 Trees Campaign at the Tucson Ministry Alliance’s City Transformation fair. 20140213_121839

February 12, 2014

Trees Distributed at South Tucson Healthy Habits Fair

Katie Gannon from Tucson Clean and Beautiful with the young trees for residents.

Katie Gannon from Tucson Clean and Beautiful with the young trees for residents.

On Saturday, January 21st, the City of South Tucson held their 3rd annual Healthy Habits Fair at the John Valenzuela Youth Center! The fair helped to educate the community about programs, activities, and lifestyle changes that could encourage healthy habits. There were many groups and organizations on hand to educate people about healthy eating, community gardens, biking and bike programs, walking, public health, and many other active lifestyle programs and opportunities.

Residents visiting tables and booths set up outside of the John A. Valenzuela Youth Center.

Residents visiting tables and booths set up outside of the John A. Valenzuela Youth Center.

Tucson Clean and Beautiful as well as representatives from the Mayor’s office were present to represent the Trees for Tucson program and Mayor Rothschild’s 10,000 Trees Campaign. Trees can be a great addition to a healthy community. Planting a tree at your home can provide shade, improve curb appeal, lower energy bills, cool the area around your home, and improve air quality. The trees were a hit at the Healthy Habits fair, and 55 trees went home with residents to be planted, and to improve their community. Although it rained a little in the morning, the City of South Tucson’s Healthy Habits Fair was a great success!



January 24, 2014

Tree Planting at Jewish Community Center

Tree Planting and Plaque Dedication

Tree Planting and Plaque Dedication

Mayor Rothschild was on hand at the JCC to help plant several fig and pomegranate trees as part of his 10,000 trees initiative.

December 2, 2013

Realtors’ HQ Gets a Green Retrofit


Volunteers plant trees outside the Tucson Association of Realtors’ headquarters.

In support of Mayor Rothschild’s 10,000 Trees Campaign, the Tucson Association of Realtors (TAR) is giving their headquarters a “green retrofit” that focuses on water harvesting, native shade trees, and reducing heat gain in its 53,000 square-foot parking lot.

“Architects and builders understand the important role of rainwater harvesting and tree shading to make houses more sustainable and to reduce operating costs.  The same principles apply to commercial buildings like our headquarters,” said TAR CEO Philip Tedesco.

“Water is our most precious natural resource and something that too many people take for granted, especially since we all live in such a dry community.  When combined with efficient tree shading, this project will result in long-term environmental and financial benefits,” he added.

TAR worked with Tucson-based nonprofit Watershed Management Group to design and implement the green retrofit, which included a volunteer demonstration project building water harvesting basins and planting trees (pictured).

November 25, 2013

Long Realty to Donate 1,926 Trees

TCC_treesThe Mayor’s 10,000  Trees campaign is getting a boost through the generosity of the Long Realty Company. To honor its 1926 founding date, Long is purchasing 1,926 trees through Trees for Tucson. 1,000 of the trees will be distributed through Long agents. The remaining 926 will be distributed through schools, nonprofits, and neighborhoods.

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