Annexation Benefits City of Tucson and its Residents

Downtown Tucson

Downtown Tucson

Annexation is a process cities follow to add adjacent land and properties to their jurisdictions.  It  benefits both the city and its population. Adding residents to the City of Tucson helps bring funds into our community, since state-shared revenue to cities is calculated based on population within the jurisdictions to pay for services, such as police, fire, parks and recreation and transportation.

With an incorporated valley, governments in the region get back more of their tax dollars, meaning more services and lower property taxes.

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild says Tucson loses about $70 million each year, because of people living in unincorporated areas in Pima County, outside of city limits.  The role of counties, as set forth in state statute, does not change with annexation.

Aside from additional money for cities, residents and commercial businesses benefit from annexation by having access to Tucson police and fire services and weekly garbage and recycling collections, including twice-yearly Brush and Bulky collection.

The Tucson Police Department average response time for Priority-1 calls is less than five minutes.  TPD has about 1,000 highly-trained officers.

The Tucson Fire Department strives for four-minute average response times, with 21 stations within the city limits.  The department also dispatches ambulances (when needed) to the scene within nine minutes, 90 percent of the time.  That arrival time is the fastest response time of nearby fire districts and departments.  TFD is unmatched in terms of training, resources and staffing, with more than 600 firefighters using state-of-the-art medical and firefighting equipment.

Taxing costs for emergency services is lower, in most cases, when served by the City of Tucson.  The taxing rate for the Tucson Fire Department is $1.26 per $100,000 of assessed valuation.

Being part of the city also allows residents to take part in the political process, by voting or running for an elected office.

Not just any area can be annexed into the City of Tucson.  The targeted area needs to be contiguous to the city for at least 300 feet and must be at least 200 feet wide. In addition, 51 percent of the property owners in the area must vote to be annexed and they collectively need to represent 50 percent of the area’s assessed value.  The Tucson City Council has the final say on any annexation that meets the requirements.

To find out if annexation is right for you, call Mike Czechowski at 520-837-4058, email, or visit the City of Tucson’s annexation website.

Download the annexation brochure

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