Mayor’s Plans

Strong City, Strong Region

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild

My 180 Day Work Plan established specific milestones to mark progress on important issues facing Tucson. We have completed the first 180 days. Most of what we set out to do, we accomplished. What we did not complete, we will continue working on. Now is the time to expand upon our initial goals and move ahead with longer-term projects that focus on the future of Tucson and our region.

My 360 Plan does that. Like the 180 Day Plan, specific projects and programs are listed, under the same four categories as before: our economy, our community, our city services and our environment.

Tucson’s formula for success is simple: a strong economy creates a strong community. And a strong community provides for a better quality of life.

Strong Economy

What I want for Tucson are quality jobs that are compatible with our community, our values and our desert environment.

Downtown Redevelopment

Decide on key downtown redevelopment projects – hotels, TCC, UA expansion – and begin to execute those projects.

Southern Economic Corridor

Work to create and expand our economic hub in the areas surrounding Tucson International Airport, Raytheon, the Arizona National Guard, Bombardier, Davis-Monthan, the University of Arizona Tech Park and Bioscience Park and our inland port.

International Trade

Work with our federal partners to secure proper border infrastructure so that people and goods crossing the border legally can do so without undue delay; grow Tucson’s ability to produce globally competitive goods and trade for an international marketplace and attract capital investment to the region.

Tucson Rail Expansion

Expand and improve critical passenger and freight rail links – international and inter-city – and obtain federal funding to conduct a Tucson-Phoenix passenger rail study.

Local Business Preference

Craft an ordinance that allows the city to prefer local companies in its purchasing practices, as allowed by law. Many cities have similar ordinances. As much as possible, we want City of Tucson tax dollars staying in the Greater Tucson Area.

Business Incentive Programs

Inform the community about the many business incentives currently available in the City of Tucson; review business incentive programs in other Arizona cities and develop additional business incentives that will create jobs.

Tucson Industrial Development Authority

Expand the Tucson IDA’s scope to enable a variety of economic development projects in Tucson.

Recruit New and Retain Existing Employers

Continue to coordinate with regional partners – chambers of commerce, MTCVB, TREO, the University of Arizona and local governments – in aggressively pursuing new employers for our region while supporting the expansion of local businesses.

Encourage Entrepreneurship

Develop a plan with the University of Arizona and its new President that will help put technologies created at the U of A to work in our local economy as new businesses.

Strong Community

My priorities are neighborhoods that are safe, attractive and walkable, with an appropriate mix of business and recreational activities nearby.


Develop a plan to provide for larger annexations by the City of Tucson and surrounding jurisdictions. Annexation should be based on capturing revenue streams that support the surrounding population and the many advantages to residents of being part of a city and receiving city services. These include having excellent police and fire protection and low-cost sanitation services. Additionally, unincorporated residents will have the opportunity to elect officials who make policy on their water service. If we can reduce the number of unincorporated residents in Pima County, we can get more state-shared revenues and reduce the need for high Pima County property taxes.

Road Repair Bonds

Start a discussion with Tucsonans about what it will cost to bring our streets up to good condition. Any program will need to be financed by general obligation bonds, so the decision ultimately will be up to the people of Tucson. I will work hard to make sure the program we bring forward is the right one, to support its passage, and, if passed, to make sure the funds are appropriately spent.

Excellence in Education

Bring back the traditional partnership between our schools and the city by putting School Resource Officers back into schools; coordinating parks, playgrounds and after school programs; increasing the number of children citywide who read proficiently by 3rd grade and strengthening our School-to-Work programs.

City Planning Department

Work with the University of Arizona College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and the Drachman Institute to rebuild our Planning Department and architectural expertise. Using top-notch expertise from the U of A, at no cost to the city, is a good way to start.

Land Use Code Reform

Create a Unified Land Use Code that reflects the diversity of our city, allowing for flexibility while protecting and enhancing design elements characteristic of Tucson.

Transit Sustainability

Create a long-term plan to ensure that efficient transit services will continue to meet the needs of our citizens for many years to come.

Neighborhood Business Districts

Find more ways for local businesses to partner with adjacent neighborhoods for their mutual benefit. Also, recognize rental and multi-family residential projects as neighborhood businesses with a role to play in making neighborhoods better.

Healthy Tucson

Establish Mayors’ Advisory Task Forces on Youth, Education, Health & Wellness, Seniors and Poverty. The Mayor’s Office will convene local leaders and execute the best ideas to make a healthy Tucson for all.

Tucson Poet Laureate and the Arts

Appoint a Poet Laureate to be an ambassador for our city’s efforts to promote Tucson’s arts and literary culture to our citizens and the world.

Strong City Services

Outstanding city services attract and retain businesses and jobs, as well as serve our citizens. I intend for Tucson’s city services to be a source of pride for all Tucsonans.

Constituent Service

Demonstrate, in every interaction with the public, that the City of Tucson hears, is responsive, accountable and cares about the needs of each and every citizen. Everyone is entitled to know that their issue was heard and considered, as well as the reasons why their request was granted or denied.

Find more ways for local businesses to partner with adjacent neighborhoods for their mutual benefit. Also, recognize rental and multi-family residential projects as neighborhood businesses with a role to play in making neighborhoods better.

Employee Sharing Program

Work with the University of Arizona and other major employers across Tucson to share top talent in the areas of planning, economic development, international trade, management and finance.

Public Engagement

Upgrade the city’s technology and use of technology and make information about our government more accessible. Better IT will increase communication and interactivity between city government and Tucsonans. Also, technology upgrades will save time and money and bring improved services in City Courts, Environmental Services, Human Resources and Payroll, Planning & Development Services and Police and Fire.

Data-Driven Management

Make our city government more open and effective by sharing data on how well our city is meeting its goals and how management is using data to improve the city’s performance. Making this data more open and usable will enable citizens and city employees to more fully participate in the work of improving the city.

Self-Certification Program

Enable qualified local professionals to self-certify building plans in order to expedite city approvals and get development moving.

Department Directors

Fill critically important Director positions: Transportation, Information Technology, Risk Management, Intergovernmental Relations and Planning.

Volunteer Program

Establish an effective volunteer program at the City of Tucson. This will give citizens valuable work experience and help the city meet community needs in an era of reduced staffing.

Retirement Reform

Partner with our employee unions and address the need to balance critical investments in public services with investments in our workforce.

Strong Environment

Our sunny climate and desert environment make Tucson the perfect city to lead in three green industries: solar energy, water conservation and outdoor recreation.

Water Conservation

Implement programs for water conservation and harvesting, including a pilot program installing digital water meters to make it easier for Tucson Water customers to monitor water use in real time. This will help identify leaks and other unintended uses as they happen and further promote conservation.

Solar Energy and Energy Conservation

Implement programs for solar energy and energy conservation; work to pass PACE legislation, which makes solar more affordable to homeowners; and work with local solar and other “green” businesses to help them start up and grow.

Bike Boulevards and Walkable Tucson

Expand our central city network of bike boulevards and walking paths to provide more and safer opportunities for Tucsonans to ride and walk where they want to go. Work toward winning Platinum certification as a Bike Friendly Community.

Shade Streets

Pass an ordinance with design and engineering standards for road construction and repair that use stormwater runoff to irrigate native vegetation, increase shade for sidewalks and streets, and improve water conservation.

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