Health & Wellness

Welcome to Health & Wellness!

My goal is to encourage active and vibrant communities throughout our city. Our primary focuses in City Hall include:

  • Identifying healthy food choices as a community, and
  • Increasing daily physical activity

Look out for events and programs that will support well-being in your communities.

2012-01-07 Beyond1-1K

At BEYOND 2012.

Join the Initiative!

There are several ways that you can participate to help improve the health in your community:

  • Sign up for Tucson Moves a Million Miles, and join your fellow Tucsonans in a city-wide effort to move 1 million miles. Encourage your friends and family to sign up too; together we can walk the distance to the moon nearly 5 times! Click on the link above for more information and to sign up.
  • Visit 1 of the 11 Farmer’s Markets in town. Buy fresh, local produce and support local farmers. Click on the link above to find a market near you.
  • Participate in a Community Garden. Gardens have plenty of opportunities for individuals to become members, donate money or volunteer. Members plant their own fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. The Gardens also run a series of social events. Click the link for more information.


What’s Coming Next?

Our Health and Wellness employees are busy! Additional activities we’re working on include:

  • Working to increase healthy options in city-owned vending machines
  • Collaborating with local growers, producers, vendors and others to increase neighborhood access to and awareness of healthy foods
  • Engaging with schools, non-profits and others to increase access to and information about community, backyard and school gardens
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