My 360 Plan includes five Mayor’s Task Forces under the heading “Healthy Tucson.” Education is one.

The goal we’ve set is a more literate community, focusing on:

2012-02-02 Reading5-1K

Reading to preschoolers at the downtown library.

  • 3rd grade reading
  • dropout prevention & recovery
  • family literacy

How you can help

3rd grade reading & family literacy

  • 3rd grade is the transition from learning to read to reading to learn.
  • Children whose parents read to them do better in school, but children are less likely to be read to if their parents don’t have a high school diploma.
  • Poor readers in 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to drop out or not finish high school on time
  • 74% of AZ 4th graders read below proficient and 42% read below basic.
  • In school year 2013-2014 a new state law takes effect. 3rd graders who don’t pass a high-stakes reading test must repeat 3rd grade

What the Mayor’s Education Task Force is doing

  • Working with local literacy organizations, school districts, public libraries, the University of Arizona, Pima Community College and others
  • Working with United Way to secure funding for local literacy programs
  • Raising community awareness of the importance of 3rd grade reading and family literacy—as well as the new state law

Dropout prevention & recovery

  • 8.3% of Arizona public high school students drop out.
  • On average, high school dropouts earn 27% less than high school graduates, placing them 18% below the federal poverty threshhold for a family of four.
  • Students in low-income families drop out at 6 times the rate of students in high-income families.

What the Mayor’s Education Task Force is doing

  • Targeting student who recently dropped out and were close to graduating.
  • Working with Sunnyside School District to recruit 100 students into GradLink, a free, self-paced, online program to get a high school diploma.
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