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I envision a city in which all persons can read and write. It is important to me that all children go to school and learn the essential skills they need to pursue their dreams. Furthermore, it is important to me that adults and parents have the education to fulfill their own potentials and support their children, friends and family.

2012-02-02 Reading5-1K

Reading to preschoolers at the downtown library.

What’s Being Done?

My staff is currently working on six primary programs to improve literacy and attendance rates in Tucson. Please join us as we strive to improve education – read the information below and follow the links to learn how to support our programs.

  • Summer Reading Challenge:

    During the summer of 2014, the mayor challenged our children to continue to read outside of the classroom. Participants were encouraged to submit book summaries and share their reading experiences. For more information or to participate, please click here.

  • Teach the Parent, Reach the Child (TPRC):

    This 8-week adult course, run by the Pima Community College’s Adult Education Department, teaches parents how to read to their children. Curriculum includes book handling, comprehension building, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, print awareness, and vocabulary development. After successful completion of the course, individuals are advised to teach other parents what they learned. Our first TPRC course was enormously successful, and we have secured funds for a second course to work with parents this Fall.

  • Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable:

    The education roundtable convenes 10 mayors of Arizona’s larger cities, district superintendents, and their key staff, to discuss education initiatives and strategies to address local challenges affecting student’s educational success. As one of the founding members, Mayor Rothschild is an active participant of the roundtable.  More information can be found at

  • Economic Impact of High School Dropouts Report:

    In June of 2014, a report was released which discussed the economic impact of high school dropouts in Arizona, as well as numerous major cities in Arizona including Tucson. Mayor Rothschild released a press conference to discuss these findings, and partnered with Tucson Unified School District to reengage dropouts. Click here to see the report.

  • Steps to Success:

    Partnering with Tucson Unified School District (TUSD), the mayor’s office engaged in the Steps to Success walk on Friday, July 18. Together with local celebrities the University of Arizona Wildcats, Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor, and others, Mayor Rothschild knocked on the doors of roughly 450 high school dropouts. Urging these children to return to school, the Steps to Success walk resulted in the re-engagement of 154 children in school for this academic year. Stay tuned for another Steps to Success walk in the future.

  • Reading Seed:

    Organized by Literacy Connects, Reading Seed is a volunteer tutoring program in Tucson. Last academic year our office helped raise support for over 600 volunteer coaches to work with children, grades K-3, on their reading skills. This year we are again asking for volunteers to work in elementary schools as well as volunteers to work with adults. Interested individuals should contact to learn how to become a volunteer.

  • Attendance Awareness Month:

    September is national Attendance Awareness Month. In collaboration with TUSD, United Way, Tucson Metro Chamber, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Walgreens, the Mayor’s office has striven to send the message to children that school attendance is of the utmost importance. To launch the month, the mayor held a press conference at Roskruge Bilingual K-8 School.  Additionally, our office has released a PSA, distributed posters, and encouraged parents to take an attendance pledge.

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