February 23, 2014

Mayor Rothschild’s letter on SB 1062

SB_1062_letterOn Friday, February 21, Mayor Rothschild released this letter urging Governor Jan Brewer to veto SB 1062. You can download a pdf of Mayor Rothschild’s letter here.

Fellow Arizonans,

It is my honor and privilege to serve as Mayor of Tucson. In this capacity I represent the people of Tucson regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other label that some would use to divide us.

The principles of liberty and justice for all are at the core of the struggle for civil rights in America. Bills like SB 1062 and HB 2153 would take our state backwards to a time when discrimination was the norm.

Discrimination by private businesses led to some of the most noteworthy moments of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was targeted at the Montgomery Bus Lines, sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to move to the back of the bus. Civil rights activists who claimed “white-only” lunch counters as their own were subject to arrest, beatings and worse.

I have spent a great deal of time in Mexico working to undo damage done by SB 1070 to our state’s ability to benefit from trade with one of the world’s emerging economies. I remember the fallout from Arizona’s long delay in passing a Martin Luther King Holiday. SB 1062 and HB 2153 are not only offensive, but if signed into law, will cause our state and our region significant economic harm.

I ask our governor in the strongest possible terms to veto this legislation, and I urge Tucsonans to contact her with that request as well.


Jonathan Rothschild

Mayor of Tucson

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